English press release – Sardinia Anima Mundi


A Festival of Culture, Art, Food and Music

Cuglieri, December 27, 28, 29, 30, 2017

II edition


For the second year, from December 27 through December 30th, Cuglieri will host “Sardinia Anima Mundi”, a Festival which invites guests to discover this little town of the Montiferru area through its History, Art, Music and a rich itinerary of the local flavors and tastes. This year, in addition to the traditional Canto a Cuncordu, guests will have the opportunity to meet Afro-American Gospel, Jazz and Iranian musicians.

The Project
“Sardinia Anima Mundi” is a Festival and a project of local development for Cuglieri and its territory. It mixes the knowledge and tradition of the Montiferru with art and cultures of the contemporary world.
“Sardinia Anima Mundi” proposes paths of spirituality and conviviality, promotes the idea of a territory aware of the value of its own heritage and open to welcoming other cultural expressions.
It promotes the values of hospitality, with an offer which includes the knowledge of traditions, history and archaeology, and sharing local flavors and tastes. Through performances, shows and excursions, it promotes culture and art.
With the strong support of the Cuglieri City Hall, the project has been implemented thanks to the cooperation of number of local producers and cultural associations, with the artistic coordination of the association Jana Project.
2017 edition
The town of Cuglieri, ideally located between the Montiferru mountain and the sea, is rich of history and traditions which have been kept alive through the centuries. “Sardinia Anima Mundi” wants to bring out the value of this environmental and cultural heritage through encounters between different arts and cultures. This year in particular, the program includes the presence of artists from Iran, and gospels from the north american tradition.
This second edition will take place during 4 days, from Wednesday, December 27th, through Saturday, December 30th, and includes concerts, tastings paths, exhibitions and guided tours of the area.
The activities will begin daily at 10:00 am and last all day, with the tasting itinerary set up along the Historical Center of the town, with 40 spots representing the vivacity and creativity of the inhabitants. The guests will taste the typical food, panadas, bread, oil, wine, meats, cheeses, vegetables, cakes, but also contemporary adaptations of old recipes. The food and wine road allows also to discover the tools, the women’s artefacts, from weaving to sa prendidura, the costumes, the Carnival masks “sos cotzulados” and many other expressions of the local tradition and creativity.
The History Road will lead to the Archaeological Museum, thanks to the association Marafé, which will also organize a guided tour of the ruins of Casteddu Etzu, the Castle of the Montiferro which overshadows the majestic landscape. Furthermore, for the 1st time the Festival will see “The Oil Road”, guided tour dedicated to the most famous product of the region: from the Millenary Olive Tree to the Oil Museum, the local people will tell the secrets of the “extra virgin olive oil” production, from the techniques of the harvest to the evolution of the cold press, the storage places and marketing tools.
The exhibitions will be hosted in the historical center, from the narrow streets to the vast former-Seminary: among them, the Carnival Masks “Sos Cotzulados”, the costumes of the Ampsicora association, the Umberto Fara photography exhibition “presence/absence”. The photo exhibition “1927-2017 A History of the Regional Seminary” (FotoClub Montiferru); The waterfront villages of Cuglieri (ATC S’Archittu). Dedicated to kids is the Laboratory to beginners readers, insured by the cooperative La Famiglia and inspired by the story by Jill Tomlinson “The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark”. We also will have an appointment with an Herbalist’s Shop to learn more about wild grass and herbs.
The concerts
The concerts program mixes international artists with the traditions of Sardinia, with also original productions.
During the 4 days of the Festival, some young artists, expression of the new musical scene of Teheran, will be present: Soheil Shayesteh (violin and kamancheh) and Kiarash Roozbahani (tar and sitar, string instruments) will be performing on December 27 and 28. They will perform together in the original project “The Silk Road” which will close the Festival on December 30th, with the participation of the saxophone player Enzo Favata.
The contemporary Iran will be shown with the slides of Ali Nadermohamadi and with the exhibition “Teheran New Era” which presents a series of portraits of everyday life in the Iranian capital.
Very peculiar is also the project of Alessandro Cau, percussions and electronics, dedicated to s’erchitu, the ox-man of the popular Sardinian tales (December 27).
The Cappuccini Church will host two jazz concerts on December 27th: Charlie Mingus’ revisited by a duo with Maria Vicentini (viola) and Salvatore Maiore ( double bass), and the Choir “Nostra Signora ‘e Su Rosariu” di Sennariolo, a village not far from Cuglieri, which shares with it the great tradition of the religious 4 voices choir. While on December 29th, at the same Cappuccini Church, you will listen to Cuncordu di Castelsardo. You will then have the occasion to appreciate the variety and peculiarity of this musical Sardinian heritage.
On December 28, another concert of male voices will come from far away: the afroamerican tradition of gospel, which have inspired so much contemporary music, will take stage in the Theater of the Ex-Seminary with the Ensemble Cedric Shannon Rivers & Brothers in Gospel from the United States.
Sardinia Anima Mundi is an eco-sustainable event: plastic is replaced by bio-degradable and recyclable materials: we prefer tap water, we use the right bins and reuse what we can. Cuglieri is ahead in recycling.
All events are free. The Info Point, coordinated by Pro Loco at the ex Seminary, will be reachable 10.00/20.00 (Tel. 344 1636912 / 340 0773430)
All the informations can be found on www.sardinianimamundi.it / Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sardinianimamundi/ infoline: 3440699882
(Many thanks to Paola Messana for the translation)

Sardinia Anima Mundi Press release

In Cuglieri on 27th, 28th, 2th and 30th December, the Festival “Sardinia Anima Mundi”: discovering Montiferru among Culture Art Food and Music 

The first edition of the festival organized in Cuglieri is called “Sardinia Anima Mundi”, from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th December. 
Four intense days to discover the centre of the Montiferru area strolling through its history, art, music and rich itineraries of taste and local heritage. 
On 27th December the show-conference with Dario Vergassola.
The town of Cuglieri, located between the mountains of the Montiferru region and the sea, maintains an extraordinary concentration of historical and natural elements that have fascinated travelers along the centuries. “Sardinia Anima Mundi” wants to show everyone the richness of this cultural and environmental heritage through the dimensions of spirituality and merrymaking. 
This winter edition of the project will be held in four days, starting from 27th to 30th December, and includes shows, concerts, food and craft workshops, exhibitions and excursions.
The activities will be open every day at 12.00pm with the itinerary of local food and crafts that will offer a series of stalls with refreshments and workshops for wine, bread and cheese making along the ancient streets of the town centre, spread all around the majestic cathedral of Saint Mary, Our Lady of the Snows.
You can examine Cuglieri and the Montiferru region even closer thanks to exhibitions about the landscape and its history, taking part to guided tours in the churches, losing yourself in the history of the territory between archaeology and Medieval Times, discovering herbal folk remedies in the park of the old Seminary. 
Sardinia Anima Mundi” is an original cultural offer of great quality that will begin on 27th December with a show-conference held by Dario Vergassola, actor and author renown to the TV audience; Vergassola will tell us the story of Cuglieri located between the mountains and the sea, together with the archaeologist Salvatore De Vincenzo and other guests. During the meeting we will retrace the steps that led to the foundation and development of the town, from prehistory to Medieval Times. We will talk about the Punic-Roman town called Cornus, tied to the Sardinian hero Amsicora. We will also talk about the ancient Gurulis Nova to then speak about the Medieval period with the feud of Montiferru and the noble lineage of the Zatrillas family. 
On 27th and 28th December there is an appointment with the amazing polyphonic tradition of the towns in Montiferru offered by two choirs of Cuglieri: “Sos Cantores”, who will do their show on Tuesday 27th with the repertoire “Sa treighina de Sant’Antoni”, and “Su Cuncordu de Cuglieri” who will sing on 28th December with a concert entitled “Mater Divini Infantis”. The clarity and complexity in the articulation of the harmonization and the counterpoints of the voices make the style of Cuglieri unique in the field of “a concordu” singing, with a repertoire and a mastery comparable to the best polyphonic traditions of the world. 
Among the events offered on 29th December, there is the narration of a fascinating historical event partially wrapped up in mystery: the Story of Donna Francesca Zatrillas, a storytelling show by Enedina Sanna who will narrate the event set in the Spanish Sardinia of the Seventeenth century, between Cagliari and Cuglieri, with scene music composed and recorded by Enzo Favata. The moments of greater intensity will be underlined by the songs of the choir “Sos Cantores”.  
On 30th December the day will be animated by the workshops and exhibitions until 5:00 pm when, along the streets of the town centre, an itinerary of folk songs will start, performed by the choirs of Cuglieri “Sos Cantores” and “Su Cuncordu de Cuglieri” with the participation of the choir Cuncordu of the town Cheremule and their Christmas songs. 
The Festival will end on 30th December with a special event that debuts in Montiferru: the “Enzo Favata Tangerine Quartet”, a new production signed by the saxophone player from Alghero, an enchanting trip into the electronic psychedelic world, inspired by the space rock lesson of the“Tangerine Dream” and their contemporaries, in an evocative fusion with the melodic lines that have always characterized the sound of the Sardinian musician. Besides the sax and the live electronics of Enzo Favata, the “Tangerine Quartet” puts together Marcello Peghin at the electric guitars, the young drummer Alessandro Cau, who blends together percussions, samplers and electronic filters, and Salvatore Maiore who adds to this project the sound of the acoustic double bass played with the bow.
All the events have free admission.
The project “Sardinia Anima Mundi” is promoted by the Town Council of Cuglieri, with the support of the Regional Department for Tourism and the participation of the Association Attività Produttive of the town, The Cultural Associations, the Guilds and the Youth Council.
The organization is managed by the  Association Jana Project.

Tuesday 27th December
From 12.00 pm
Itinerary of local tastes and crafts
Exhibitions and workshops
At 12.00pm and 3.00 pm Parco del Seminario
Guided tour with the expert in folk herbal remedies Gianpaolo Demartis
At  5.30pm Church of Sant’Antonio
Concert of the choir Sos Cantores di Cuglieri
Sa treighina de Sant’Antoni”
At 7.30pm
Teatro del Seminario
Cuglieri e la sua storia tra la montagna e il  mare”
Show with Dario Vergassola
Attended by the archaeologist Prof. Salvatore De Vincenzo and other guests.
Wednesday 28th December
From 12.00pm
Itinerary of local tastes and crafts
Exhibitions and workshops
Itinerary to visit churches
At 12.00pm and 3.00 pm Parco del Seminario
Guided tour with the expert in folk herbal remedies
At 8.00pm Chiesa di Nostra Signora del Carmelo 
Concert of the Choir Su Cuncordu de Cuglieri
Mater Divini Infantis
Thursday 29th December
At 11.00am Excursion to Casteddu Etzu
From 12.00pm
Itinerary of local tastes and crafts
Exhibitions and workshops
Itinerary to visit churches
At 3.00pm Parco del Seminario
Guided tour with the expert in folk herbal remedies
At 7,30pm – Teatro del Seminario
Storytelling and music show
The story of Donna Francesca Zatrillas, countess of Cuglieri and marchioness of Sietefuentes
Enedina Sanna, narrating voice and Choir of Cuglieri “Sos Cantores”
Friday 30th December
From 12.00pm
Itinerary of local tastes and crafts
Exhibitions and workshops
At 12.00pm and 3.00pm Parco del Seminario
Guided tour with the expert in folk herbal remedies
At 5.00pm
Itinerary of choires throughout the streets of of the town
Sos Cantores, Su Cuncordu de Cuglieri, Su Cuncordu de Cheremule
At 7,30 Teatro del Seminario
Concert “Tangerine quartet”
Enzo Favata  soprano saxophone, clarinets, live electronics
Marcello Peghin electric guitars, live electronics
Salvatore Maiore double bass, live electronics
Alessandro Cau drums, laptop, live electronics
All the shows have free admission
INFOLINE: 344 0699882 /